Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not Ready -6 Months!

Some how I ended up with tons of hats and no sun to speak of, so I thought I'd at least make them wear one before they outgrow it.

I'm not sure why but this picture made me laugh hysterically!

All ready for noms with their bibs made by aunt Amber and painted by cousin Samantha!

We gave it a go and I think they are not ready for solids yet. I guess their reactions were pretty typical but the fact that they just don't seem interested is why I'm waiting it out another month. If they had gobbled it up then I would have proceeded otherwise. We'll try again at 7 months.

So the boys hair is starting to catch up to their eyebrows. For a while I thought they might go bald as their heads kept getting bigger and no new hair. It's getting much thicker up top and as the pictures show their hair is pretty dark but I think it will be a lighter brown than mine (my hair is practically black).

They had already had two spoonfuls before this and most was spit out but Eli on the third try actually ate something!





Sue said...

Oh my just what MaMa Sue has been waiting for!!---6month pics! I can see that their hair is thicker than when we were up there.All three are just adorable of course. The hats are very becoming.

Jonalyn said...

They did pretty well with their first spoonfuls, I'd say! It takes some getting used to the texture. :) Did they refuse seconds?

Myra said...

Yeah, Elliot did the same thing at first and now he's a gobbler and tries to feed himself. He likes to guide the spoon into his mouth too. The boys look great!

Tati said...

LOVE thomas's reaction, it's so hilarious!

nan cee said...

Well, what can I say? Eli takes his iron like a man so why not the food. It never ceases to amaze me at how fast they are growing and how well they are doing. Love the videos!
My love to you all,
A. Nancy

Amber Seah said...

The same picture made me laugh as you.

And thanks for posting video of all three on their first taste. They do look less than enthused. But maybe Eli is contemplating whether iron fortified cereal is better than iron drops.