Friday, May 11, 2012


The boys are going to bed in their travel outfits, don't they look cute? (Thomas was totally digging his backpack).

It's gonna be a LONG day tomorrow getting to HAWAII!!! Since the boys sleep so dang much I anticipate lots of down time so I intend on updating the blog each day we are there but all I have is my iPhone so it'll be just one or two pics per post till we get back. I'm also not sure how to publish comments so I'll see them but might have to wait till we get back to publish them. Wish us safe travels : )

Sorry the pics aren't being sized correctly, just click on the pics to see them individually (bare with me I'm not very good at technology!)


Jonalyn said...

It'll be okay! You'll have help. :) Enjoy the sun and island breezes!

mary said...

Love the outfits. handsome wprld travrlers!