Sunday, May 13, 2012

Water Baby Eli

Aside from the boys waking up at 3:30am (6:30 west coast, their normal wake up time) it was a fantastic day. We set off for the beach at 6am since what else are we to do at the condo at this awful early time of day! All the boys freaked out when they felt the sand under their feet (as expected from their reaction to Sandland back in Portland). It took Eli a good 45 minutes to get used to it and finally step off our bamboo mat and out onto the sand (probably the last of our relaxing on the beach). Phil took him out to the water and he instantly loved it! We couldn't keep Eli away from the water and seemed to have no fear of it, it was back in forth to the water and then back to digging, with his shovel always in hand. Caleb took a bit more coaxing but finally joined Eli after about 1.5 hrs on the bamboo mat prison. Poor Thomas just couldn't let go of his fears as easily and it took him at least three hours before he made his peace with the sand although he's still not real sure of it. The boys played so hard that the minute we loaded them back into the stroller (and Eli on my back) to head back for lunch they fell asleep (it was still only 10am!). They slept for 3.5hrs! I'm hoping this helps them get over their jet lag and will wake up at least no later than 5am. We'll see : )

Here is a picture (not sure what order the pics are in) of Eli sporting an old timey classic beach baby outfit. And some other pics too!

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Jonalyn said...

You might enjoy getting an early start ... especially since sunset is around 6pm. Get out and enjoy the sun early! But yeah, 3:30 is a bit much. :)