Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh Crap! moments #22-24

Oh Crap! #22
 no words needed

Oh Crap! # 23

With multiples biting happens, at this point I wouldn't call it a problem but it does happen with some regularity. This time I don't even know when this happened and honestly don't even know how???

The happy-face biter strikes again!

Oh Crap! #24

Eli has no problem on his first attempt but not on the second...'s tough when you're trying to hold on to your teddy!

Now to end on a cute note : )

 E is a street tough

nah! not really

Baby Updates

Just when I thought they couldn't get any cuter! The boys have been giving each other hugs for some time now and not always because they are encouraged to by a third party. Well lately the boys have started giving each other kisses even without me asking them to : ) 

They also sometimes comfort each other when one is crying like by patting his brother on the back or patting him where he got hurt.

I'm sure they've known each others names and have been able to tell each other apart for a long time now but I just never bothered to ask to see if they could. Well they can! So if I ask Caleb where Thomas is he points to the right brother and when I ask where Caleb is he points to himself.    


Jonalyn said...

Goodness, they're so cute! And busy! I love how they've turned the couches into a play area. :)

nan cee said...

OUCH! That is some bite mark! Boys will be boys and they will get plenty of bumps and bruises and apparently in your case bite marks too!
Love the pictures and all of you,
A. Nancy