Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Monsterrific Boys Room!

I'm kind of obsessed with anything cute happy monster themed. I think it all started with a three pack of monster onesies someone gave us as a gift when the boys where wee little infants, I fell in love right then and there. My re-decorating ideas started over a year ago and I've worked on various aspects of it off and on during the past year. I'm sure the boys would have loved a train or construction truck themed room but I wanted to avoid the same old tired themes that you always see. I also wanted to take advantage of the fact that the boys are still really little and this will be the last time I will get away with doing something all of my own choosing : ) So finally here is the new look of the boys room!

I labeled the dresser with pictures of what's inside so that the boys would know where their toys are and so Phil would also know where the boys clothes are since he's always clueless as to where I keep stuff.
I got the "1, 2, 3" fabric bins from Ikea to keep the boys craft supplies (crayons, scissors, glue, etc).
I also created a singleton sock bin out of an old lego container to keep socks that were estranged from their partner. Since it's existence I've reunited so many socks that would have otherwise ended up at the back of the drawer. Our sock divorce rates have plummeted! 
I framed a picture of one of the boys first ultrasound.
On the shelf I have three monkey banks that I got in Hawaii (ok not entirely sticking to the theme but I still think it looks cute). I also found monster cups in the dollar bins of Micheal's which I'm using to keep pencils in. The mismatched monster at the end of the shelf is part of a matching game I found at the Goodwill, I can't wait for the boys to be old enough to play!
I made the curtains and ordered a custom made growth chart on etsy
Close up of the curtains, and by pure chance I found matching light switch covers and electrical outlet covers on etsy as well!
The boys love being measured and all know their heights, Caleb and Thomas will point to the number 35 and Eli points to the line in between 34 and 35 : )
I got a custom ABC poster from the same place I got the growth chart.
I also framed our latest family portrait.
I probably put the most thought into the boys custom designed monsters. I came up with my own ideas or variations that I copied from elsewhere and then I painted them on canvas with acrylic paints. Caleb is my first born so his is the one-eyed monster looking all cute and sneaky just the way he is. Eli is my second born so his is the two-eyed monster who has his mouth open ready to bite (he is our biggest biter of the bunch). And Thomas' I'm sure you can guess is the three-eyed monster since he was third to be born. His monster is serious just like him : )
Sleepy times in the far end of the room
I also made the pillow cases to match the curtains (do you see all the crap he goes to bed with!!!)
The rocking chair I found at the Goodwill and while the upholstery was in good shape I didn't necessarily care for the pattern (plaid) so I reupholstered the seat with left over fabric. The steps of the bed we use as storage, I can say that 100% of the boys clothing and about 90% of their toys are all in the boys small room (hows that for maximizing space!)!

Front end of the room, I had Phil put in an extra shelf for books and storage.
Over the door jacket racks are a must to maximize space. They are so cheap and no installation required!
I also made patches of the boys personalized monsters to put on H&M hoodies for them. Out of everything else I made, the patches took me a longest time to make (Thank goodness for nap time!).  
I bought the hoodies last year thinking the size 2 would fit them by the time they turned three and of course they are still huge on my petite boys! I didn't know this at the time but H&M runs really big, the boys still only fit their 18 mo stuff. Oh well, they'll decorate the walls for now until they actually fit : )
Chasing each other in circles!


nan cee said...

WOW! Such great organization. I wonder if I could use you down here for a few days to help me organize my spare bedroom where I keep all my stamping supplies!

Jonalyn said...

I LOVE the labels on the drawers! That's a fantastic idea. I could use that for my kitchen. :) Their room is so cute, and I just love those beds. Awesome!

mary said...


I can see all the love that went into it. Love the monster theme, and those monster patched jackets are awesome!

I really like the beds too! Did you feature that in a different post? (So behind lately! This past summer kicked my butt!) The little slide is a nice touch.

You are so creative! I like your re-upholstered rocking chair.

Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Mary, yes we got big boy beds a couple of months ago, I featured it on this post : )


Amber Seah said...

I am so excited about their monster themed room because I'm making them pocket monsters:-) What a nice coincidence.