Monday, October 28, 2013

Busy Busy Busy (3yr 1mo!)

3 years + 1 mo
my snuggly worms before bed one night : )
Eli waiting for his bedtime story
Thomas makes the silliest faces!
Another one from Thomas
A couple weekends ago we went to the Roloff Farm sadly we didn't get very many good pictures but at least we got to see Matt Roloff!
Trying to pose the boys is never a recipe for a good picture, ha!
Busy Busy Busy

We are keeping pretty busy these days, other than the weekends, we only have one day a week where our morning is completely free. The other four days are filled with either our speech group, our pre-preschool program, nursery school (which is like preschool/daycare so I can get a break and run errands) and grocery shopping. Thank goodness our local grocery store has free daycare for 1hr so I don't have to shop on Sundays anymore. Sundays can be a full family day like Saturday is, yay! And I can't forget to mention swim lessons twice a week in the evenings for the rest of this month.

Our typical day starts at 6:30/7am when the boys wake up and start playing, depending on what we have going on that day we either take our time and eat breakfast or we hustle and get ready to head out of the house. At 2pm the boys go down for their nap, it usually takes them a while to fall asleep but they know the routine and it's not too much of a fight. The boys get up at 5-5:30pm and if they are in good moods I wait for Phil to come home before starting dinner. If they wake up in foul moods a favorite cartoon makes it all better and I can get a head start on dinner (I think this happens more often than not). We start the bedtime process at 8:30pm with pj's, teeth brushing and stories. Lights are out no later than 9pm (most days).

I'm very thankful the boys still need a nap and if we plan a day of skipping a full nap they at least need a 20min power nap in the car otherwise they'll be in an atrocious moods come 6pm. I'm hoping we can keep it up as long as possible because they tend to wear me out by naptime! It seems like most kids give up napping sometime between 3-4 if not sooner. I'm really hoping to make it till we start preschool next fall, it's a far stretch but a girl can dream!

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nan cee said...

Yes Thomas can make some real interesting faces! That chair is something else again!
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