Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Memory 2013

I'm about 3 weekends behind on pictures so this was from a little ways back....

Every year in the fall we go on a little adventure with our friend K, we call it our fall memory (yes it's meant to sound cheesy)...can't say we took the best pictures on this trip so here's what you get!

On a whim we first stopped at a winery to see if it was open but it wasn't so instead we checked out some pretty alpaca's next door. On our way to the fence to get an up close look at these silly creatures Eli stumbled and fell on the concrete driveway. I had him wear a bib till the bleeding stopped so he wouldn't stain his clothes : (
Looking so undignified with a bib on at the age of 3 years
The boys getting playful after lunch and before heading on a little hike to some waterfalls
An attempt at a family picture (note to selves: don't bring fixed angle lens to waterfalls) 
Since we couldn't get everyone in one picture we took two!

Our last stop was to tour an Elk farm, they had the best dogs and cats to pet!!!
I'd come back just for this!
The best part of this place was Popcorn!
6 month old baby pygmy goat

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