Monday, November 18, 2013

Call The Doc!

Last night the boys were in full pretend mode, they played with an intensity that I'd never seen before. They played together for easily 2 hours straight without a single fight or any parental intervention!

Eli calling the doctor
The patient lays in the hospital bed while the two doctors converse about the best treatment options.
"A band-aid will do!"
Thomas applying the band-aid to the area of injury
Eli explaining that Caleb's eyes were hurt
The patient feels well enough to get out of bed
Thomas calling the doctor after wiping off the patient's injury with a huge wad of baby wipes
Careful application of band-aids
Further examination of the patient determines he will be alright!
Busy Bags
Making busy bags has been on my to do list for a long time now but I finally got around to doing two of the several hundred busy bag ideas that are on my list. The first one I did was color wheels (not pictured) and the second one I did was making little scenes out of felt and having the boys put them together, kind of like a puzzle. I seriously spent about 2 hours making each set and of course it only holds their attention for 15 minutes! Still worth it because I can tell they really enjoy them : )

Monster truck
The other day when Caleb was not feeling good.
Even the chocolate cupcake he had just eaten did not give him a sugar high and he fell asleep right then and there : (
Forgot to post this a few weeks ago but the boys passed their swimming class.
They can now move on to the penguin class : )
United in their love for locomotives
"When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don't throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer," says Thomas.

You may have noticed but the boys got fresh haircuts and it was the first time one of them didn't freak out! Full cooperation on this round. After going through several long hair, short hair phases I've come to the conclusion that if I have to comb their hair before leaving the house then it's time for a haircut! Ah, the joys of having boys : )


nan cee said...

What cute boys playing doctor! Love the fact that they did so for two hours. It is so fun to see the pictures and videos that show just how much they have grown in both height and knowledge.
Love to you all,
A. Nancy

Sara 诗媛 said...

Cute busy bags