Monday, November 4, 2013

Good Dental Hygiene

First some pictures of our morning at the bluff...
With pops
Running wild and free!
Classic Thomas face : )
The chase is on!
Our First Dental Check Up!

Top left Eli is getting pretend x-rays since he didn't need them
Top right is Thomas looking cute
Bottom, the boys checking out their goodie bags on the way out!
At home, they must have carried around those goodie bags for the next three days!
A funny picture of Thomas and how he sleeps, he is in love with that helicopter he even fell asleep holding onto it!

The boys pre-preschool program required that they get a dentist check up. When I was first informed of this I rolled my eyes (in my mind) and then I immediately figured it would be a complete waste of time. I brush their teeth at home and they don't seem to mind but I don't get any more than 5 seconds to do it. After that they just won't open their mouths anymore. I figured the dentist would be lucky to get a good look at their teeth, let alone all the other stuff they need to do. Honestly if it wasn't a requirement I probably wouldn't have taken them until they were like 5 or whatever! 

So I was very surprised when all the boys cooperated 150% at their dental appoint! They got the works: the exam, cleaning, fluoride application, and pretend x-rays. I think they liked all the one on one attention they got. The dentist said they all had great healthy looking teeth!


Jonalyn said...

The visit was required? I mean, vaccines I understand. But dentist? Well, it's wonderful they reacted so well to it! I love all the pictures. Especially Thomas sleeping with his rain boots on!

Nichole Mercado said...

Actually my Chandler dentist mentioned once that children should be sent to a pediatric dentist as soon as their first teeth erupts, although it's not mandatory. Also, I believe I read some article before that says, Children who've practiced proper oral hygiene at an early age are more likely to grow up with higher self esteem, hence becoming happier grown-ups.