Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Oh Crap! moment #61-67

Oh Crap! moment #61

Oh crap do you see what he fell asleep with in his mouth!
Oh Crap! moment #62

I found the boys dumping anything and everything down the stairwell!
Cupfuls of gravel everywhere!
The stuff that made it to the bottom
Oh Crap! moment #63

What happens when you stop your bike with your big toes bc you refuse to wear shoes
Oh Crap! moment #64

See boy in background, hahaha!
Oh Crap! moment #65

That's half a weeks worth of cheese!
Oh Crap! moment #66

The mess I had to clean up after the boys dumped out a dozen or more puzzles onto the floor of the dinning room, living room....
and bedroom
Oh Crap! moment #66

Thanks boys for giving me another project to do (insert sarcasm)
Ta da! Blinds are too expensive to replace so curtains it'll be!
Oh Crap! moment #67

I guess telling them to jump before sliding down was a bad idea....parental fail, oops!

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Jonalyn said...

Jacob's always hucking stuff down the stairs too. Drives me nuts.