Sunday, February 23, 2014

No Time For Mom

We had a fun filled week since my mom was visiting. The boys got very attached as they usually do when their mama Elda is around so they pretty much forgot all about me and only had eyes for her. Not gonna lie, it was really nice, especially when it came to certain chores like dressing them since they only wanted my mom to dress them. Here are some highlights...

Checking out the nite bright pillow pets my mom got them
At the boys' request my mom read them Little Red Riding Hood like 200 times!
We made tamales!!!
 I made sure to write down all the nitty gritty details of the procedure this time so I can make them on my own now! Who's up for a tamale fest?! (but you have to help cause it's a ton of work, ha!)
The boys helped make mini tamales : )
We visited papi at work one day and he went on a coffee break with us (the only break he ever took on that 12 hour work day, working OT for a deadline!)
The boys played in the park outside Phil's work downtown.
How cute does Superman look here?!
Saturday morning we dropped off my mom at the airport and cheered our selves up by going out to our fav pizza place for happy hour.
We ordered a slice per person figuring that they wouldn't finish the enormous slices and I could finish whatever they left....
Wrong! They ate every last bite! Which means they ate as much as I did (I was pretty full after one slice)!
Dad with Eli and Caleb
Random but this was outside the pizza place : )
Princess Caleb grants you three wishes!


nan cee said...

Love the latest pictures and what a nice break for you with your mom there. I was surprised to see the huge pizza slices and hard to believe they boys finished all of it!
My love to you all,

Jonalyn said...

Your mom must have needed a vacation after her visit! :) I would *love* to help you make tamales! I never wanted to learn because of all the work involved. It does seem like it should be a group effort!