Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Swim Lessons Take 2

Our first round of swim lessons went ok (back in October), the boys were a little too excited and didn't listen as well as they should have but they did good enough for me to sign them up again 3 months later. I really really really want them to learn to swim, mostly because I never learned to swim myself! I just want that one in the bag and don't want to risk it being shoved under the table for later, so to speak. Well we are 3 days into swim lessons round 2 and I'm kind of regretting it. It's been a combination of things. For starters the first day Eli jumped into the shallow end (where the water only comes up to his chest), he jumped in funny to where he leaned over and drank a mouthful of water. He started coughing and after too much coughing I took him out of the pool and seconds later he threw up on the ground. I found out later that if he had thrown up IN the pool they would have shut down the pool and made everyone leave (it was embarrassing as it is and I would have died of embarrassment if that had happened!!!). Secondly, I'm constantly on the sidelines telling the boys to listen to the teacher or reiterating what the teacher tells them to do. Third, I'm not crazy happy with their new teacher (I'll save you the details). The second day, surprisingly, went really well, the boys listened so well despite the fact that they combined two classes because one of the teachers was out sick. I breathed a sigh of relief that it'd be smooth sailing from there. Finally, day 3, Eli decided he was just going to sit this one out because he said he was too cold (and he woke up really cranky from his nap). Then at one point the teacher takes the class to the deep end (3 feet) where the slide is and as she's instructing another student to do a back float Caleb, out of the blue, decides to stand up and JUMP IN! Well it takes a couple of seconds for the teacher to put the other student down and fish Caleb out. The boy comes out smiling and as happy as can be! He's fearless!!! I guess we'll keep going but I'm kind of dreading the next class...

Day one, waiting impatiently to get in (as you can see in the video below)!

Thomas pretending to be an elephant with his bacon tie
The boys got a castle
Pretending to take a nap in it
Two days after it stopped snowing and we can finally go out to play without a million layers on!
$1 sundaes at Burgerville!
Like father like son
All ready for Sunday meeting!
I generally opt for the nice sweater and slacks. But every once in a while I like to bust out the shirt and tie combo, even though they only look good for 5 minutes and then spend the rest of the meeting with their tie off center and their shirts untucked, ha!


nan cee said...

Nice, cute, and fun pictures. The boys must be very entertaining for all. Looks like pool is a big attractions. Stick with it, they will learn and you will be thankful for it!
My love to you all,

mama Sue said...

The pics of the boys with their Daddy are completely adorable, and all four have the same haircut. Good job Janet!