Friday, February 7, 2014

Snowed In!

We are getting quite the snow storm! We got a little snow storm not too long ago but it only lasted a day and never prevented us from using the car. But it's looking like this one is gonna last several days! The last time this happened was 2008, and just like that time the whole city is shutting down. Since Phil commutes to work on his bike he could have easily gone in to work today but he decided to stay so we could all go play in the snow. It's just too bad the boys are still fighting off a cold that doesn't want to leave! It's been over a week and we can't seem to get rid of it, ugh! Our fun didn't last too long before the boys started getting cranky and we had to head home. Can't blame the sickness entirely because it was also really cold, 25 degrees (that's crazy cold for us). We don't even own snow boots and rain boots plus two layers of socks left my feet feeling like icicles, ouch! It has started snowing again as I'm typing this, looks like we'll be hunkering down in our warm cozy house for a couple more days...

Snugly story time
Last night Thomas kept grabbing his ear and crying (but no fever). I thought for sure he was getting an ear infection (although we've never had one before). I gave him some tylenol and he fell asleep on the couch. He woke up this morning as normal as can be, I hope that was the end of that?!
Thursday we woke up to no snow what so ever.
Top picture is right as it started snowing.
Middle picture is that same day around 4pm.
Bottom picture is this morning.
On our way to a snowy adventure
It was a long walk to the bluff for such little legs!

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nan cee said...

Looks like they were having fun in the snow. David sent me pictures of all the snow they got and still getting. I am glad I no longer live in snow country, don't like it. Here we are getting rain with more on the way. Take care and stay warm.
Love to you all,