Friday, March 28, 2014

Exactly 3.5 Years Old!

CET exactly three and a half!

Cheesy boys!
Rainy day at the library : )
My dreamy three!
The boys have been really busy lately. Busy playing that is. They just don't stop, from the time they wake up till they fall asleep, it's full on play mode! Every time now when I turn on the tv, either because they ask to watch something or because I need to catch a break, THEY DON'T WATCH IT! Their attention lasts a whole 15 min (30 min max if it's extra interesting and I've made popcorn) and then they're off to play again. Wow, am I really complaining that my children don't watch tv??? Age 2 was a whole different story, they'd be couch potatoes if I hadn't regulated their tv intake but now it's like "please watch an hour of tv so there can be some peace and quiet in the house?!" The boys keep each other busy by making up games, pretending to be firemen, and playing with their trains (not a whole lot has changed in their repertoire of interests). Honestly, even if it means that I don't have an easy out, I am loving the fact that they choose to play rather than watch tv : )

Here is a silly video of Caleb and Eli making up sounds...


nan cee said...

It is nice they play so well together! Love those sweaters they are wearing!
Love you all,

Da young Neun said...

They're growing so fast :)

Sue said...

Those 3.5 pictures are adorably precious! Can hardly wait to see these boys in action---talking and pretending