Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Oh Crap! moment #77-81

Oh Crap! moment #77
Last summer I sent the boys out to the backyard (fully clothed, mind you) to play while I cleaned up the house a bit. I was checking on them every few minutes and at one point I found them like this!

We use this old wood stove for outdoor fires in the summer
Sorry for the blur but this was the only picture that shows all three in there that's not indecent
yuk yuk yuk!
Straight into the bathtub after this!
Oh Crap! moment #78
How we often find the cheese. This block of cheese can easily last us one and a half weeks, only it doesn't because I'm always cutting off the chewed up parts (well actually I stopped doing that and just use it unless there is visible mold on it, ha!).

Oh Crap! moment #79
Someone glued this wooden letter to their bed and it won't come off!

Oh Crap! moment #80
Whoever thinks the boys don't get as much exercise in the winter as they do in the summer is just plain wrong! Between jumping off the top of the couch and chasing each other all over the house, the boys end up a sweaty mess by the time bedtime comes. 

Oh Crap! moment #81
The top five things the boys like to play with that aren't toys are:
1. sticks
2. my shoes
3. chopsticks
4. tupperware
5. fruit...the evidence is in this picture. A weeks worth of bananas (not all are shown) and one apple, gone forever : (

This was out of character since their preferred method of produce destruction is to "pack a lunch" where they fill up tupperware with whatever fruit or vegetables they find and cart them around all over the house. Usually by the time I find them they are all gross and bruised!

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Jessica Schneidereit said...

The picture with the feet and the stove looks like one of those "a dollar a day could save this child" ads... Like my mom would say when she burned the food, charcoal is good for kids.