Thursday, December 11, 2014

Zoo Lights

So every year the zoo, as the title implies transforms into a zoo of lights! We wanted to go last Saturday because it wasn't raining and relatively warm but we didn't get around to it. Then again we meant to go on Sunday but that did happen either. I had given up on the idea at least for now when on Monday Phil suggested we go that night after he got off from work. We rarely go out at night during the week so this was quite the adventure for us! And we were sooo glad we didn't come over the weekend because it was so packed out we could barely find parking. And we waited a good 45 min in line for the train, I can only imagine what the wait was like on the weekend!
Watching the ocean display doing circles as we wait in line for the train.
Thomas so happy to be on the train finally!
Crazy Eli and I
Caleb on the train
Warming up with some hot chocolate, although we were anything but cold.
I think we all over dressed, ha! 
Caleb and I
Riding the wolf pack
The train looked so cool!
Eli metamorphosized
Here is a little clip of us on the train and our view...

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nan cee said...

What cool displays. The boys looked like they really enjoyed it!
My love to you all,