Monday, December 1, 2014

4 yrs 2 mo!

This weekend we finally saw the light of day after being stuck at home for so long! We are all feeling 100% better, yay!

CET 50 months old!
Under the stairwell at the library
Sleepy triplet dominos
1000 legos doesn't look like much : (
We took advantage of all the good sales and bought the boys a bunch of "little" legos (aka not duplos). Phil and I are the first to admit that they are SO MUCH FUN! We ALL played with legos all weekend long, but seriously...we need to bulk up our stash!
Our first outing since being sickos was Burgerville which after not eating much for several days this tasted like prime rib, ha!


Jonalyn said...

Well especially with 5 of you, you need a lot of Legos! This is why I look at the consignment store every time I go. Sometimes we hit the jackpot. :) Though we have to store them until we are at an age where it's safe to stop using Duplo.

Anonymous said...

Target and Toys R Us have legos on sale during the last week of January!

Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Thank you Anonymous! I will keep my eye out for that sale : )