Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Personalities 4.5

I started working on these updates back in November, shameful! I finally got around to finishing them and posting. The first picture that accompanies the personality update is a picture I took at home before picture day at school last month (I was too cheap to pay for prints, other than one class picture)...


Caleb is our "cool dude," he's laid back and doesn't sweat the small stuff. Caleb loves to say gross stuff too because he knows it'll get a rise out of those around him. He'll say stuff like "poop is yummy," or "eat stinky feet." Whenever he's being cheeky or "smart" or pretending to be upset he does this duck lipped face that is so darn cute I just want to snuggle him immediately. The boy can eat too, he's always the first to the dinner table and last one to leave. And he really savors what he's eating, it kind of makes you want to eat what he's eating. Caleb knows how to relax too, even when he's sleeping he's got his feet crossed and his hands behind his head. He's the type that's gonna be smart without trying and I can already see it. He doesn't always like to pay attention when I'm trying to teach them something new. Caleb loves being a nay-sayer, he's the first one to say no to something without really meaning it. But with just a bit of insistence he gives right in quite easily though. Lately Caleb has become a "flopper." He flops just like in basketball! It's pretty funny to see at times because he'll be arguing or fighting over something then his brother will lightly brush up against him or bump into him and he'll throw him self to the ground. Sometimes several seconds will go by before he falls over, ha! I guess he's not very good at it : )
Caleb has a deep love for cats, real or stuffed.
Here he is with his "Honey Race Juice."


Eli is one smart little dude! You tell him once and you can bet he'll remember it. Eli is a rule follower and always wants to please. He is such a good boy and knows his limits so he doesn't get punished nearly as much as his brothers. Eli is full of opinions and he isn't shy about sharing them or expressing how he feels about something. He's a bit of a motor mouth too, he can talk and talk and talk. He'll tell you anything you want to know from what he did at school today to how to build a tree house. He's very confident and he'll convince you that he knows what he's talking about. When I ask the boys something collectively Eli is always the first to speak up, he's kind of the spokesperson of the three. Eli takes our homeschooling activities very seriously and a lot of the times he finishes first and gets the least wrong. He's always been a very affectionate and tender boy. The best way to calm him down when he's upset is to offer him a hug and he'll just melt in your arms. Eli gets scared really easy and likes to say he doesn't want to try something because he's too scared. Like when we'd talk about our trip to the east coast he'd say he didn't want to ride on the airplane because it was too scary. Well when the day actually came he was more than excited to jump on the plane. He even proclaimed after take off that "this is not scary mami!"
Silly Eli!


Mr. T is our dorky triplet with impeccable bad timing and he's a bit clumsy too. Because of this he's also the most underrated of the three because there are so many good qualities about him. Thomas is very creative and figures out how to draw stuff and in turn teaches his brothers to draw the same things because they see how he did it. He also loves to write letters and numbers. He's also very independent and always wants to do things for himself. He also can go long periods of time playing by himself. Thomas seems to build the most elaborate and complicated vehicles with his lego's. The other day we got him a little lego set and he didn't want our help building it. He just looked at the picture on the box and built something that looked pretty darn close to the real thing! The boy just cannot sit still, he's always moving or kicking his legs even in his sleep. Which stinks because he almost always ends up in bed with us, but on the bright side I get to snuggle him first thing every morning! When Thomas wants his brother's attention he call them by saying "hey kids" and it's really funny to hear since I think he came up with it all on his own. He also always agree's with me when I compliment him about something, he'll say "si mami" and then go on to explain what he did or what he made.
Look at this dorky boy!


BJFu China said...

Thanks for the update! I love seeing your boys grow up and develop their personalities. Maybe we will make out your way again...

nan cee said...

What a great update! Very interesting interview too!
A. Nancy