Thursday, April 23, 2015


Thomas, when I don't dress him, lives in his "football" clothes or his NYPD shirt.
I don't know why but he just loves them!
On sunny warm evenings Phil takes the boys on bike rides around the neighborhood. 
They ended up at the bluff and did some off-roading. 
Apparently Caleb really liked it : )
Wanted to write down some of the boys 'word-isms' before they stop saying them (some already):

English word-isms
kepatch - ketchup (this is one of my favorites)
kisspies - rice krispies
coffee cup - coffee shop
i cheam - ice cream
chain chax - train tracks
fisket - fix it
ice kicles - icicles
contruntions -instructions
simsims  - the simpsons
movie games - video games
shanet - sandwich

Spanish word-isms
memicina - medicina
jarifa - jirafa
pacito - despacito
epekako - helecoptero (another one of my favorites)
piquito - poquito
lusta - gusta
amiamsa - ambulancia
busula - basura

And one more thing. The boys came up with this term called 'crunchy crunch.' I like to think of it as the boy version of hair pulling. Crunchy crunch is when one brother grabs a handful of another brothers skin and claws at it. I can't tell you how many times someone has come crying to me saying that his brother crunchy crunched them!

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