Monday, April 20, 2015

Sunny Days

Just some pictures from the last couple weeks...

ECT after story time at the library
The stump sprouted new branches!
We discovered a new park and it's amazing!
If you are local you must check out Westmoreland park, we could spend all day here. I didn't take pictures of it but they also have this huge sand/water area that's super cool : )
Can you find the hidden Eli?
We had some friends over and there were a couple guitars out so Thomas went and got our decorative (but functional) ukulele and joined in the fun!
The sandlot boys, they just need their baseball hats : )
We had a picnic at our local park today and Eli said "picnics are my favorite!"
Thomas thought it was so funny to ride with his handlebars backward : )
Caleb had been arguing with us about how you make applesauce and I found it so funny I started recording...the boys responses crack me up!

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Jonalyn said...

Haha! Apples in applesauce? Disgusting!