Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Champoeg State Park

Life was starting to get a little repetitive so we decided it was time to do something new. We heard that Champoeg State Park was pretty cool because it used to be a small town that got completely washed away by a big flood. There are wood posts that indicate the names of the streets that used to exist but other than that there is not much else that makes you think a town existed here (although we didn't explore the entire park). It seems like a great park for riding your bike and we'll definitely be doing that next time we come. They also have campgrounds and it's only about half an hour south of Portland!
The boys "reading" together in the morning.
The boys brought their sketch pads just like dad.
Eli drew a map so we wouldn't get lost at the park.
After watching The Goonies the boys have been pretty obsessed with drawing maps (and looking for treasure).
With dad.
The Willamette River
The boys thought the sticky weeds were just too funny!
Scrunchy face
Caleb showing off his muscles
Thomas' muscles


nan cee said...

New park, new journey, how fun that was! Hope no one got into poison oak, ivy or nettles! Love those muscles!
Love you all too,
A. Nancy

Christine Huntley said...

That is a great park. Have been there a few times myself. Next time you go, stop by...Im currently not working.