Friday, May 29, 2015

Gum Wall

Last weekend we took a trip up north to Seattle/Bellevue to visit the cousins! We haven't been up there to visit them since before the boys were born so it was well over due. We really enjoyed seeing everyone, thanks for putting up with us : )

Visited the Museum of Flight which is right next to Boeing.
It's a really cool museum, it's worth checking out if you can.
Eli on a firetruck at a coffee shop in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle
Fremont Troll with cousin Molly
The boys had a blast with Molly!
Grilling with a view : )
All the littles before meeting
Checking out the gum wall next to Pikes Market
Eli amazed by all the chewing gum
ETC, the gum wall was really cool and really gross all at once!


Jonalyn said...

How is it that nobody tried to make it look like they were shoving one of the kids up the troll's nose?

Nan Cee said...

Gum wall? Never heard of such a thing and must not be very sanitary!

Myra 米兰 said...

Elliot and Molly have the same bedspread and wall decals ! 👍🏻

Jonalyn said...

Myra - that used to be her big sister's bedspread! My girls love space :)