Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lego Creations

Shortly after the boys turned 4 we got them a bunch of Lego's and it has become their main form of entertainment when they're indoors. They love Lego's more than their cars, trucks, and trains. The boys hardly play with their trains and train tracks anymore, which is hard to believe because they were so obsessed with them just a year ago. Lego's are such a cool toy because there are endless combinations and you can really build anything you want with them. The boys mainly build vehicles with them and call them their "Lego cweations." Sometimes I'm pretty impressed with what they've built but other times their Lego creations are so funny they crack me up!

The boys built these all on their own with no help from anyone.

I couldn't stop laughing at this one!
Police officer on a Segway maybe?
Eli called this one family day at the beach : )
The boys are not yet able to follow the directions for how to assemble the store bought kits but they totally get the concept and they make their own kits. They build them, take them apart, and build them again!
This vehicle comes with a remote control!
I recently thought it would be a good idea to buy the boys real remote control cars but after looking awhile I realized they only come in two frequencies (at least at a reasonable price point). I asked my fellow triplet mommies if this was a big deal and they all agreed that if two or more have the same frequency it would drive them crazy! So this Lego creation is as close to a remote controlled toy the boys will ever get. So to add to the "triplet problems" category, RC toys are not for triplets : (

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nan cee said...

What good Lego builders! Shows their creativity and imagination. The Legos have changed over the years. Ours didn't have all the people and extra pieces. What fun!
My love to you all,