Thursday, July 30, 2015

4 years 10 months!

CET are 4 years and 10 months old!
A couple weeks ago we had a garage sale and we thought we'd also try a lemonade stand for the boys to test out their entrepreneurial skills. Our garage sale was a bust maybe because it was a really hot day and the boys weren't doing very well either. Then Phil had the great idea of moving the stand to the corner where there was more foot traffic. 
It was an excellent move and the boys made a killing! People couldn't resist "the cute triplets," and there were even people who pulled over in their car as they were driving by to buy lemonade from them. One person pulled over and just gave them money because "they are so cute!" Another person bought from them and then went home and came back with his wife so buy from them again. The boys were pretty funny and would tell people that a cup of lemonade costs "one money!" 
The boys made $35 in just a couple hours!
The sheriff's in town!
The boys crack me up with their obsession to play police officers. They never take off their police shirts, they make home made binoculars, use sticks as guns and make handcuffs out of paper and glue!
Taco anticipation smile!
Mr. T LOVES tacos!
(FYI if it's crunchy it's not a real taco, unless you've added extra diced onions and cilantro, then it'll probably be crunchy, ha!)
We've had swim lessons last week and this week too! It's been so nice because swim lessons end right when free kids lunches start at the park! Its been so easy these past two weeks!
The boys have made soooo much progress during these swim lessons! They were just barely sticking their faces in the water before classes started and now they fully immerse their heads and attempt to "swim" underwater. They are well on their way to learning how to swim!

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