Monday, July 6, 2015


A couple days after the boys and I arrived to the SF Bay Area in Cali we jumped back in the car and drove down to Anaheim. My mom had been wanting us to go to Disneyland for quite some time and a few months ago I finally agreed we'd go. That is until I found out how much the admission is! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, WHY WOULD I EVER PAY THAT MUCH MONEY FOR ONE STINKING DAY (and yes I know you can save a few bucks by going multiple days but it's still an obscene amount of money in my opinion). And yes I've been to Disneyland several times as a child. I immediately called my mom to tell her there was no way in Hades I'd ever pay that much money on kiddie rides (not to mention the lines!). Luckily it's like my mom's dream to take her grand kids to Disneyland so she offered to pay our entrance fees. Although it's still beyond my moral compass to pay that kind of money on a theme park, I also think it's a grandmothers right to spoil her grand kids and so we went!

I must say it was a pretty fun day and the boys had a blast. Most rides seemed to scare them even though they weren't that scary like Mr. Toads Wild Ride. Among the boys favorites were Pirate's of the Caribbean, the cars you can "drive," and the Rocket Ships. They were also very captivated by the light parade. The lines weren't horrible either, maybe because we went on a Tuesday but everyone is impressed when I tell them our average wait was 15-20 min (which is still way too long considering how much you pay to get in!). I still don't get why people go ape over this place, especially adults who go without any children in tow (seriously?). The last time I went I was 14 and I thought to myself "ooooh, I'm way to old for this place." It's just glorified kiddie rides people! But I guess to each his own. I'm sure we won't be going back unless grandma wants to splurge again or unless the boys really really (and I emphasize REALLY) want to go and they save up all their money to pay for their admission from doing tons and tons and tons of chores, ha!

Starting out the day nice and early!
Besides a 1 hour nap the boys walked all day long at the park. W
e didn't take any strollers or wagons and never carried them. We stayed till they closed at midnight and tio Mike's pedometer said we walked a total of 10 miles that day! 
They have such strong little legs : )
Caleb with tio Mike
Eli with tio Gustavo
Thomas with tia Aracely
My boys and I
It's a small world, my mom's favorite : )
A very very happy mama Elda and her boys!

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