Thursday, July 23, 2015

Meeting Part

I've been such a terrible blogger lately! I've been really busy with life. Besides the typical we also have swim lessons and when the boys nap I've been boxing up all their outgrown clothes and sending them off to other families with triplets. I love knowing our 'clothing sets' won't be broken and will be reused as a unit! Triplet mom problem #739 "you can't break up the sets!" Hahaha! The boys are used to the routine as well, a lot of times they'll tell me that they don't want something anymore and that we should send it to other triplets or as the boys say "otros tipets."

The boys had a part in the meeting last night, they did so well!
We were so proud of them that we took them to DQ to get their very first 
chocolate dipped ice cream cones!
Here is the full video in case anyone wants to see it : )

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nan cee said...

And you have every right to be proud! It is so nice to see them participating!
Love to you all,