Thursday, August 13, 2015

Brightly Colored Boys!

I love having triplets, they are like my blank canvas that I can paint with as many colors as possible! 
Eli at Oaks Park
Riding the frog jumper
Eli popping a wheelie!
Ready for Wednesday night meeting 
Caleb and his brothers love the tree swings Phil built,
we started with one but we had to put two more in!
The boys played for hours with this simple piece of rope,
its true what they say, kids don't really need fancy toys!
Little Monkey
At the top!
Friday night playing pool and representing grumpy cat =^..^=
More bright colors!
Silly Eli

1 comment:

Jonalyn said...

Jacob was impressed with Thomas' dinosaur shirt. You always find the coolest stuff for them to wear!