Monday, August 24, 2015

Camping 2015

We camped near Crater Lake at a really nice spot by the river!

There was an outdoor logging museum near our camp ground that was really neat!
In front of Mater, haha!
Snack break
Genuine smiles : )
Papi and Caleb
Fun with glow sticks!


Spring said...

I'm dying to take our boys camping! It will be in the fall though, it's way too hot in FL during the summer. Do you have tips for camping with triplet boys, anything special you pack or things to do for 3?

Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Spring, I'd say you really just need clothes they can get really dirty in! My boys also seemed to fight a lot over the one extra flash light we had, so maybe a flashlight or head lamp for each boy would be good. In the past we've also done bug collecting kits from the dollar store and glow sticks are always fun too. They played with gun shaped sticks almost the entire time (gosh such boys) and not with any of the toys they packed themselves. Nature is the best, have fun!

nan cee said...

Beautiful campsite! It looks like everyone had a good time!
Love to you all,

Spring said...

Thanks Janet, I think we may cheat a bit & camp at Fort Wildeness (Disney) our first go. At least if it's a flop, it's still Disney, lol