Thursday, August 27, 2015

Flying Toddlers

This post is a follow up to my Flying Babies post 4 years ago : )

The Fields park in downtown Portland
Thomas had the best form : )
Couldn't get enough
Caleb was so snugly : )
Portlandia came to film on our street last week! The airstream was Carrie Brownstein's, we saw her walking around a lot (although each time I wasn't fast enough with my camera), it was so cool. I never saw Fred Armisen but Phil has seen him enough times around Portland that it makes up for me not seeing him, ha! I can't wait to see the episode!
This summer Portland has seen the most 90+ degree days on record, it's been hot!
The most pampered goat ever!
All the boys have a few freckles on their faces but Thomas only has them on his right side : )
I've promised the boys we'd get them a nice cat "like this one" this winter.
I think I'm the most excited though : )

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