Friday, May 13, 2016

A Day In Preschool

A couple weeks ago I volunteered in the boys preschool class. I had done it a couple times last year and had marveled at how well behaved an almost all boy class was! The kids were all in their own little worlds and didn't interact much. The kids really focused on the different activity stations (blocks, puzzles, etc). And at least with my boys, they couldn't even remember their class mates names last year. Boy have things changed!

This year the kids are sooo different. First of all everyone is so chatty, I heard lots of cute little stories from almost everyone. The activity stations weren't very busy, instead the kids played in small groups. Some pretend played together in the "gardening section" while some others played hide-in-seek. There are also lots of friendships. It was so cute, Jack and Thomas are such good friends. Jack is almost a full head taller than Thomas but he still followed Thomas around the whole day. At home the boys are always discussing who is friends with who even though I always tell them that they can all be friends. It's always "well I'm Jacks friend," "I'm Charlies friend" "I'm Dwight's friend" or "I'm Carlo's friend." Apparently the boys are pretty popular and all their classmates seem to really like them. Recently only Caleb went to school (while the other two stayed home sick) and boy was that the talk of the day, "only one triplet came!" Caleb even announced that he became Jack's friend. So I guess he substituted for Thomas, ha!

The boys are sure going to miss all their friends next year. Most are going to different schools but thankfully two of the boys good friends will be at their school. So there will be two familiar faces, at least at recesses : )

Eli and Caleb
Story Time!
Last weekend we walked over Portland's newest bridge!
Family pic!


nan cee said...

So, it was an interesting day at the school. Looked like fun too! And a fund day walking the new bridge. You sure do keep the family busy on outings, which is GREAT!
Love you all,

Sharon Irby said...

So excited with each new posting! Love your boys & their special Mom & Dad. So happy to be part of your spiritual family. Sharon Irby

Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Thank You!