Monday, May 23, 2016

Failed Camping Trip

We had plans to go camping on the coast (by the beach, yay!) but as the date approached the weather started looking bad. So in efforts to not scrap the entire trip Phil looked for a different place to camp. Instead of the coast we headed east towards the "dryer" part of Oregon (just east of The Dalles). No rain was forecast but the day before we left, rain showed up for Saturday but only 40% chance and dry the rest of the time. We thought we could handle a few sprinkles, no big deal right? Well we got there Friday and had a great time. We headed for bed with out a worry and at some point past midnight it started pouring! It poured ALL NIGHT LONG! Miraculously our tent stayed dry, the boys and I slept like logs while the rain kept Phil up. Our friends didn't fair so well and when water started leaking into their tent they had to sleep in their car.

In the morning it was still raining (so much for 40%!). The forecast said the rain would stop at around noon so we thought we'd stick it out till the rain stopped since our tent was still dry. We went out to breakfast in the nearest town after which we bid farewell to our friends (they'd gotten 2 hrs of sleep so they understandably high tailed it out of there). Next we went to a museum and finally back to the camp site around noon when it was supposed to stop raining. Of course it was still raining! We decided to take a family nap and discovered a leak in our tent that got some of our bedding wet.

After a short while it finally stopped raining so we thought we'd dry everything out by hanging the bedding up outside and sopping up the moisture in the tent with a towel. Well what do you started raining again! It wasn't terrible, mostly just sprinkling but it it would stop and there was no way we'd be able to dry our bedding. So we called it quits after that and came home!......oh and by the way, it never rained at the coast, ha!
Stopped for some coffee on the way to camping!
It was a beautiful place at least.
Just like a boy to find something that looks like a gun. 
The museum was actually pretty cool!
Sunday we slept in, ate a big breakfast and made a day of it at OMSI followed by a walk downtown! Why did our vacation have to end just cause we had to cancel camping, right?
Last Friday was the boys last opportunity to bring something for show and tell. Caleb brought his beloved kitty and Eli too plus a dead fly that Caleb supposedly killed. Thomas brought his "fireman" boots and pants to show how he can put them on so quickly during an emergency call, ha! 
This is my view everyday that I drop them off at preschool. They run to class leaving me about 50 feet behind. They sure do love going to preschool! Gah! Only one more day of school left then graduation : (
The other day cruisin' the hood!

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nan cee said...

Bummer, I've heard of grinning and bearing it. I don't know if you were all grinning while putting up with the rain but at least you did survive.
Love you all,