Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Small But Mighty

Last week mama Sue and Papa Ed came to visit! Here are some highlights of the fun stuff we did together : )
Sightseeing in the Gorge
Couldn't get the boys to cooperate : )
Three lil' cowboys at the Salem Ag Fest 
While they don't care for playing with their trains anymore
I was glad to see they still like a good train ride!
Cute pic of Eli and mama Sue
The boys did a tractor race and Eli raced with all the intensity he could muster.
And he did circles around everyone! (See video)
It was a great visit!
Here's the video of Eli racing. His brothers went before him in another race because Eli really wanted to ride the blue tractor (of course!). He was so so so very proud of himself for being the fastest. Eli likes to say that he is really fast because he is small and when he gets bigger he won't be as fast. He is small but mighty!


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nan cee said...

Nice to see Ed & Sue visiting again! The boys are cutest when dressed up like little cowboys, love the outfits. And that video is hilarious! Thanks for sharing.
My love to you all,