Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Another Last

Even though the boys tested out of needing speech classes a while ago, through a loop hole they could still keep going until the summer before they are to start kindergarten. Since the boys have always LOVED their speech class I figured we'd keep going as long as we could. They started with their teacher Terri soon after they turned 3 years old when they still didn't say much (maybe two word combinations at the time). She got to help them through to full sentences, crazy! Last month the boys had their last speech class. She is a great teacher and I'm sad to see our time with her is over. But we must move on I guess. No more speech services for these guys, we're out!
Last day of speech class!
The teaching student brought in a special guest for the last day : )
Caleb was the only one brave enough to hold the snake. He was very close to tossing it over when it started slithering up his shirt sleeve, ha!

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nan cee said...

Well, they will continue to learn while in kindergarten. If a snake started slithering up my sleeve I would have tossed him! Brave little guy!
Love to you all,