Tuesday, July 12, 2016

CA Trip Pt A

When I think of our California vacations I always think of them in two parts. First part is usually in the south bay visiting my side of the family and sometimes we sneak in a kid-free side trip while my mom watches the boys (which we got to do again, yay!). The second part is in Davis visiting Phil's side of the family. So here's some highlights of the first part of our trip!

By the pan dulce, we always feast on all sorts of Mexican delights when in San Jose!
Fun at the beach in Santa Cruz with their little cousin Natalie : )
Proud of their sand castle, which I mostly built.
Yeah I know its not that great, ha!
They swam in the shallow river that connects to the beach.
With my little dudes!
The boys with my sister, niece and mom.
While on our little early anniversary getaway,
Phil and I hiked the famous Point Lobos State Reserve.
It's a breath taking place!
Last Sunday (July 10th) we celebrated our 12 year anniversary.
Happy anniversary to us!
The boys getting a taste of video games with their tio Gustavo : )
We all had a good laugh at Costco haha!
BTW I paid him a quarter to get him to put this on, ha!
No San Jose trip is complete without visiting Tres Reyes taco truck!


nan cee said...

Looks like good food and great fun. It always nice to visit family. I can't tell who you bribed to put the skirt on but he looked like he was feeling pretty foolish in it!
Love to you all,

First Time Father of Triplets said...

Happy Anniversary!

It looks like you guys are having a great time here in California!

btw - I love the skirt! Haha =)


Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Thank you! :)