Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cali Trip Pt B

For our B part of the trip we stayed in Davis to visited with family and we even got to go wine tasting in Napa!
Caleb with mama Sue
At V. Sattui, one of our favorite wineries!
And lucky for us the guy attending to us was his last day so our 6 wine tastings turned into 12, ha!
All the Pittsenbarger men (minus uncle Garret)!
The best way to travel!
TEC, hanging out
Of course whenever we visit Davis we are always "graced" with 100+ degree weather : (
I guess its a good thing they have an awesome community pool!
My little fishies!
We stayed at the pool for hours!
It was the only way we could cope in this heat : )
Papi and his boys : )
Short two grand kids : )


First Time Father of Triplets said...

Looks like fun! You are in our backyard! V. Sattui is only 30 minutes from us. ..


Janet Pittsenbarger said...

That's so crazy! It's a small world : )

nan cee said...

Nice pictures! I don't see Sarah or their daughter in any of the pictures. They must have stayed in New York? The pool looks very inviting!
Love to you all,

Janet Pittsenbarger said...

They were here, just didn't get any good pics of them : )