Sunday, September 17, 2017

First Day of 1st Grade!

The boys started back to school a couple weeks ago. They are again together in the same class. It's a bummer because most of their good friends were assigned to the other 1st grade class. The boys don't seem to mind though. Their new teacher seems nice although I haven't spoken but a few words to her in the chaos of pick up. Back to school night is coming up so hopefully there is more of an opportunity. The boys say that first grade is a lot more boring than Kindergarten, but when they explained themselves I got the sense that they actually mean it's harder. I looked over their schedule and it's definitely a more rigorous schedule with lots of reading, math and science. Should be good for them, they coasted through K without missing a step so I think they need to be challenged more. I'm sooooo glad to be back to the boy's school schedule. I have so much more time to manage our household when I'm working a little less (I was working more over summer since the boys would go to day camp for much longer than the typical school day). I don't think I will volunteer myself to work more next summer, ha!

CTE, first day!
On our way to school!
We walk or bike to school everyday, it's only half a mile from our house.
I love that we live so close and don't have to deal with cars, carseats, and parking to get to school. 
The teacher said she did not have a chance to move Caleb's name tag to another table. I was worried they would misbehave being together. They were fine of course and two days later Caleb was moved to another table were ironically he got into a scuffle with the boy he was put next to. I guess they were sword fighting with their pencils and they ended up stabbing each other. No one fessed up as to who started it first. Eli said he saw that the other boy started it. I want to believe him but maybe he's just standing in solidarity with his brother, ha!
Let start learning!

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nan cee said...

They are growing up too fast!