Sunday, September 24, 2017

Summer Wrap Up!

The first day of fall came and went, which made me remember that I hadn't posted anything from our Cali trip that happened in early August! It's usually the highlight of our summer so to wrap up the season here are some cute pics of our trip!

The boys with their beloved mama Elda. The boys spent a full 3 weeks with her this summer (Phil & I joined them the last week of their stay). They loved it and didn't seem to miss us too much, ha! 
In Santa Cruz
With cousin Natalie
We tried to do a little photo shoot but the kids weren't having it and the lighting was bad.
But we still got a few good ones : )
Looking at those crazy boys
In Davis we recruited cousin Korina to take family pictures of us. 
The boys love their tia Janet
This photo shoot was like pulling teeth. It was over 90 degrees which for the boys this photo shoot might as well have been in the middle of a volcano! They were so hot and complained every chance they got so I'm surprised we got any decent pics of them, ha!
We tried, ha!
Out to dinner with mama Sue and papa Ed on our last day in Davis!
While on our trip we went swimming and I discovered that the boys can swim, like actually really swim! Check it out, I'm so proud : )

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