Monday, May 17, 2010

Diet, don't try this at home!

Some of you may have heard of my 4000 calorie/day diet, considering I'm used to consuming 1200-1500calories a day, you can imagine how hard it's been to keep up this quota. I'm still waiting for that voracious appetite that pregnant women are supposed to experience, maybe it's just masked over by all the force feeding I'm doing. At the very least I'm not on the verge of throwing up after my last meal anymore. Anyways here is a sample of what I eat in a day:

-a 500cal, as phil calls it, "mama milk snacks" which is about 12oz of lactose-free whole milk with a carnation instant breakfast mixed in and two scoopfuls of whey protein powder.
-then a breakfast burrito: eggs, cheese, and meat in a flour tortilla, sometimes it seems to weigh about 2 pounds.
-2 high cal snacks (pretzels filled with PB, dried fruit, sunflower seeds)
-lunch is whatever we had for dinner the night before
-soy yogurt with some whey protein and granola mixed in
-snack at home (avocado with lime and chile, poptart(these are actually great cause one is 220cals)+milk, pb&j)
-Dinner whatever Phil makes, no energy to cook anymore, mostly meat (no veggies, takes up too much room)
-Desert or cereal

I was even told not to drink too much water, but instead drink fruit juice since it has calories along with other nutrients. Basically I'm free to eat whatever I want with the exception of soda and candy which I'm not accustomed to anyways. I also discovered that flaming hot cheetos are a great snack. Lots of fat, carbs, iron, and other vitamins!



Alice said...

Janet & Phillip,
I didn't know you were expecting. I'm green with envy - (about the 4000 calorie diet).
You'll be great parents.

Anonymous said...

Exciting diet! I like how you eat two breakfasts.

I would consume a giant bowl of olive oil daily by dipping a huge loaf of fresh baked, crusty bread in it...wait, I already do that. Anyway, don't take my advice...listen to the doc!