Monday, May 17, 2010

First Kick at 14 weeks

So we started stockpiling baby supplies and we are already running out of room! We bought a bunch of storage caboodles from Ikea. A gently used crib from craigslits (a Baby Italia, real nice, solid wood, supper heavy). A really nice co-worker of Phil's gave us a barely used car seat, a bumbo (kids always look tortured in these things but everyone swears by them so I'll give it a try), and a little bouncy chair-thanks Yosa!. Also, we drove up to Snohomish, Washington (near Seattle) this weekend to pick up a used triplet stroller that Sue and Ed (Phil's parents) bought for us. We got a great deal because brand new triplet strollers cost about $1,000-1,500! I'd carry all three of them on my back before paying that much for something you would only use for 2years.

Also, last wednesday (May 12th) baby C started kicking me during prayer at meeting. It felt like someone was gently flicking me. It lasted a good 20 seconds and it hasn't happened since. It's was really cute but what I've read from other supermoms (moms of super twins) is that it gets old fast, makes sense, I guess 12 appendages (6 arms and 6 legs) can do a lot of damage.



Jonalyn said...

I imagine it'll be fun when one starts stretching, wakes the others up, and then they're all wiggling around. Whee!

ashley said...

how did you know which baby?

JP said...

the babies can't move around because they are in individual sacs. So whenever they do an ultrasound baby A is always in the middle towards the front, baby B is on my left, and baby C is on my right : )

Amber Seah said...

Them staying put is helpful to keep them straight! Too bad that won't carry through after they're born :-)

Your house is looking so Mommy and Daddy already. Very exciting!!

Myra said...

Hi Guys! Wow and Congrats! Jeff and I will make sure we are avid followers. :) I agree thats what the first kick felt like for me too, just a little flick, and now I'm being pummled...I can only imagine what it will be like with 3 when they are bigger. I also envy your diet...(sigh). Hope our babies can play together!