Friday, May 28, 2010

Warning: contains nudity (not really)

So we found out the sex of the babies...see if you can figure it out from the ultrasound picture?

Still can't figure it out? Well then let's put some names to these faces, Caleb, Eli (short for Elias), and Thomas Pittsenbarger. Looks like the Pittsenbarger name will live on. Phil and I are very excited that we are having boys, although we would have been just as happy with girls. Here are some advantages and disadvantages we thought of to having boys:

D: There will be more injuries/fights to attend to.
D: Pee on the toilet seat, I know this one all too well from growing up with one brother, now it'll be 3! I guess since I'm out numbered, I'll just have to live with the toilet seat up, at least it will insure it to be dry.
D: My house will be thrashed for years to come.
A: Manual labor. They can help Phil remodel the house by the time they are teenagers.
A: I won't ever have to worry about doing, what I consider, male duties: taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, and cleaning out the basement (I'm putting that one off till they can get to it).
A: This one I'm sure is Phil's favorite, two on two basketball.



Jonalyn said...

And don't forget killing the bugs: that's a guy's job! Yay! Oh, I can't wait 'til they're here!!!

JP said...

The woman should never kill the bug!

Sara said...

And, another bonus, boxes and boxes of baby boy hand me downs from James! We have a ton, I told Myra I would save for her unless Pitts trips were boys, then the threesome would win out. She will have the only grandchild both sides she will have plenty! I had guessed they were boys, and hoped they would be for some reason. And yes, between us Janet, we are ensuring that no end will come to the Pitts name.

Another bonus, is that clothes shopping will be so much cheaper for many years...although I hear Phil was quite expensive in his clothes tastes in later years, but I mean early on.

No PMS! Can you imagine three teenage girls with PMS?

Less emotional as a rule.

By the way, all the potty trained boys in this house never pee on the seat, Justin was trained you clean up any messes and Javan learned from Dad, James will have to go to the "put-the-seat-down-and-wipe-up-your-drips school too." If Phil doesn't have that habit, maybe Mom was tired by kid # 4.

Less drama

I love having a daughter for the mother/daughter relationship and maybe you will have that in the future, but I am so glad to have sons!

I recognized the ultrasound right away that it was a brainer, but I have seen that ultrasound a couple times personally!


SUPER CONGRATS TO THE...Hey I have a new one for you, the "PITT ETC..." ETC Is the first letter of their three names.

Myra said...

Yes, I'm definitely on the outs as far as getting clothes goes! 3 boys outnumber 1 for sure. :)Congrats!

JP said...

Thanks for the clothes Sara, and sorry about the clothes Myra. We are a special needs case : )

DeMellos said...

Congrats guys! Kinda disappointed I won't have an easy-out for Gia's hand-me-downs, tho. Justin was rooting for boys.

Caity said...

Greetings from Davis. How exciting, although it will be a while before they will be able to do alot of those things.

nan cee said...

I can only imagine how excited and proud Grandpa would be knowing he was going to be a great-great-grandpa to 3 boys and to have one with his name!
Aunt Nancy