Monday, May 17, 2010

Pacha tested, Pacha approved

common nicknames we have for the babies:

"los tres mismos"
"the amazing circus peanut trio" (see 8week ultrasound picture)
"pittsenbarger trinity"
"the trips" (short for triplets)
"the three stankbutts"
"same same but different"
"pitts trips"

any other good ones you can think of??? we are starting to run out...



Chely said...

cute pacha..she allowed you to do that? soo sweet!

ashley demello said...

ummm...fairly hysterical!

Amber Seah said...

How cute is that!
Have you read anything helpful about the smooth introduction of new babies to cats? I know with our dog we took a blanket to the hospital to get the baby's smell then gave it to the dog before we came home. Worked a treat. But cats are a different ballgame.

Phil do you remember dressing Shoebuttons up in dolls cloths and trying to tie her to the little rocking chair?

JP said...

I hear with cats that they just ignore the baby till one day they decide to acknowledge it. Just what you'd expect a snobby cat to do!

Judy Dilley said...

Dearest Pitts...How I love watching the project in action! I'm so glad you have this blog for this very special pregnancy. Of the charming names...I think I love the three stankbutts. OR same same but different! the whole bunch of you. I'll keep reading. Sent blog to Tara and Jolee. XXOO Judy dilley