Monday, June 21, 2010

Firecracker Babies No More

From about the time I first started feeling the boys kick, every time I sneezed I'd get a response like "quit doing that mom!" because I'd feel several flutters going on in there immediately after. It was like little fireworks going off. They would especially get annoyed if I had three sneezes in a row. But alas I wore them down, after a small bout of allergies and then a nasty short lived cold that made me sneeze every 10minutes, my poor boys gave in and no longer fuss when I sneeze. I think it's good sign that they will be mild tempered like their dad : )

They may not be bothered by sneezing anymore but their kicks are getting stronger and stronger everyday.


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nan cee said...

Looks like them three boys are gowing and looks like you are doing well. Maybe you should try and find three big dolls that are programmed to cry, scream, and stink at various times throughout the day, maybe some all at once. That would be good practice for you! I've been told if you are going to have a multiple birth the first pregnancy is the best because you don't know what it is like to have just one! My love to you both. A. Nancy