Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pickled Pork Skins and 18 week U/S

Here are some pics from ultrasound #5, they are quite photogenic and always seem to do something silly. Something tells me they will probably be goofy like Phil! Boy these appointments keep getting longer and longer. First couple were about 20 min then next one was 45 min and the last two have lasted about 1.5 hours. Only another dozen or so to go by the time the trio is born. Then they make us wait for about half an hour, so that the radiologist can look over the results, just to tell us what we already guessed from talking to the technician, that every thing is normal. But I guess that's better than getting bad news. They have pretty much done all the anatomical measurements that are usually done via u/s, but they'll keep checking hearts and growth, which is standard procedure. They seem to be doing really well, no abnormalities, which I already alluded to. Same-Sames (identicals) have higher rates of club feet, cleft palates and a few other problems, all a consequence of when and how the baby split into three clones. Most of this would not significantly alter their lives and in fact most of these issues are curable/treatable. Today they checked their lips and all is well, no cleft palates. They all weighed in at about 8-9 ounces, their bellies and heads all are measuring ahead of schedule (19.5weeks) and their arms and legs right on schedule (18weeks) which doesn't surprise me since Phil and I are both short and wouldn't expect our babies to be real long. Phil cracked a joke that made the technician laugh, he said it's more probable for us to have identical triplets than to have a tall child.

As an aside, most of you may know or may not want to know that one of my favorite snacks is pickled pork skins drenched in lime juice, hot sauce and lots of salt. Well, I had the preconceived notion that this delicious treat was unhealthy so I would only allow my self the pleasure of enjoying them on special occasions, like when visiting my family, who also like them. So on my quest to look for calorie dense foods I thought this was my opportunity to 'pig' out on pork skins. So when Phil and I went grocery shopping and got to the Mexican isle I went looking for them, I picked up the jar and was disappointed to find out they're actually not that bad for you! A 2oz serving is only 46 cal of which 18 are fat cals. Besides the 2g of protein can't say they are that good for you but at least they are not as unhealthy as I thought. So the babies have now had their first Mexican treat! I hope they like them since I can't get Phil to eat them.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting todays u/s on here and especially the details about what the technician looks for. The trips are growing so well and so fast--all that fat and protein is working its magic.
The pickled pork skins sounds like you are having pregnancy cravings.I always craved pickled stuff when pregnant.I enjoy your dialogue very much.


nan cee said...

Nice to hear that all is going well. Hope your trips like pickeled food and spices! Joe and Lois will be coming over today and I will share your infor with them.
Love to all 5 of you,

Jonalyn said...

Well, enjoy eating your treats! And now you know for future reference that they're not really no-nos, even when you're not pregnant. :)

judy said...

I loved seeing the pictures of the boys so quickly (saw on news webpage) They look so beautiful and pink and fluffy for just being four lbs.

Janet - you did just such a great job of feeding those little guys - Phil - I guess you had a big part in making the burritos for her, didnt you? Good practice for what is in store. If the little boys eat like the older Pitt. boys, you will be very busy in the kitchen.

Congrats to all! Judy Bellamy