Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pregnancy Brain and the Boys Goes Fishing

Here are some pics of the boys first camping/fishing trip. As you can tell my face is getting quite plump. It seems like the weight is being evenly distributed all over except in my arms. I've always thought my arms were too skinny, just wait another couple of months and I'll look like a cartoon character, all round with little stick arms : P

Pregnancy Brain:

quotes from camping trip
J: So what time did we come into the tent?
P: 9:30am
J: And what time is it now?
P: 12:45pm
J: So we only slept an hour!?

P: Hey Jan what's the name of the book you're reading?
J: Death of a Dance
P: oh
J: no wait, Death of a Murder....ugh! no wait, Death of a Dream!

most other incidents I just go blank and have to be reminded of what we were just talking about.

I've also been running into things a lot, all body parts except my belly. Wouldn't you assume, since the biggest change is the size of my belly, that I'd bump that instead of everything else? Weird

I think I'll rely heavily on my calculator at work from now on : )



Anonymous said...

I have to comment on your camping pics: the boys look like they are thoroughly enjoying the fishing.The second picture shows a beautiful Mommy and a very proud Papa---adorable!!

Sara Pittsenbarger said...

Oh, Janet, how I can relate to the prego brain! Apparently, research shows the brain actually shrinks a little during pregnancy... I wish I could say confidently that it returns to normal, but I am still waiting! We joke that pregnancy/mommyhood makes conversing with me like a game of madlibs, "Justin, can you put the thing in thing..."

You look so cute! But wow have those babies grown fast!

Chely said...

Cute I love it! Your belly is big! I know we both have skinny arms..even if I gain weight in other places my arms seem to always be skinnier than the rest of me! ...your face is definitely plumper than both look great and happy! :)

Meluch+3 said...

Welcome to the ID triplet world! I saw your comment on our blog ( Good luck with everything. I love this post!

mom said...

Hola preciosos que bonitos se miran pescando . como estan mis tres hermosuras mamy que preciosa te ves cona pancita besitos para los 5. mom