Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weight Gain

Thanks to Phil persistantly shoving food into my face, I've exceeded my weight gain goal that my nutritionist set for me (even got a high five from my doc)! As an example 20 minutes after breakfast this morning Phil comes up to me with half a piece of bacon yelling "bacon snacks!" I was so full from breakfast I turned it down but now I wish I hadn't. So prepregnancy I was at 107 lbs, at 12weeks I was 113 lbs and at 16weeks I weighed in at 129 lbs. So that means that in a span of 4 weeks I gained 16 pounds that averages to 4 lbs per week!!! My total weight gain so far is 24 lbs, ONLY 50 lbs to go. Ideally I should gain 60 to 75 lbs by the time the stinkers are born.



a. samuels said...

you guys look super cute! janét your tum is adorable! xoxo

bryan said...

I am a random internet observer. I do not know you personally. I tend to chime in when something of GREAT IMPORTANCE is at stake. So here goes: one of the boys' name should be chinchilla. I don't know why, but it should.

Excuse me, but other blogs need my attention.

JP said...

cha cha cha, that's real cute Bryan!

nan cee said...

You are both looking well and happy! I was thinking of you tonight while at meeting with three small ones all screaming at once! Keep up the calories and take care!
Aunt Nancy

Jonalyn said...

Really? He follows you around yelling BACON SNACKS?! Like a dog? ;-) You're doing great! Can't wait to see your belly again in person!