Saturday, January 1, 2011


A Few New "Triple Holds"
Cousin Temo and Mary

mama Elda

Uncle Chance

What's harder than taking care of triplets? Triplets with colds! To most of us RSV is just another regular cold, but to anyone under two it can be really dangerous. Thomas and I started at about the same time and were quickly joined by Eli and later on by Caleb. It started out as a stuffy nose which then progressed to heavy breathing and wheezing, some diarrhea and a nasty cough. The rapid breathing made it hard for them to eat like normal so they were only taking in about half of what they normally eat. At first I wasn't worried at all since a few weeks back I got a cold and the boys only got stuffy noses but once the labored breathing started it made us panic so we rushed to the ER where they checked out Eli and Thomas. The doctor said babies could keep that up and be ok and that it was only a problem if they couldn't eat at all. So back home we went after quite a scare. Eli and Thomas are on the recovery but Caleb probably has a day or two to go, although it didn't seem to affect him as bad as the other boys.


Tati said...

Aww... Poor babies! I guess they weren't as bad by the time we visited?

Jonalyn said...

Hope everyone's feeling much better. It was great to see you guys, even though it was so brief. Next time we see you I want Everardo to try a "triple hold"!

nan cee said...

I can't even imagine! The boys look so cute in these pictures! I hope they are feeling better. It is always scary when babies get sick and don't eat as much as normal. We don't eat as much as normal either when we are sick or have a bad cold. As they get older you will find it not so scary but always take precautions when in doubt.
My thoughts and prayers are always with you and I check each day for your updates! Take care and my love to you all,
A. Nancy

Myra said...

Hope they all recover fast and soon! Poor little guys!

Angela said...

Your boys look so BIG! And I'm so sorry they are sick. That is very scary! hope to chat with you soon!
Happy New Year!

Amber Seah said...

Wow, looks like the blue eyes are here to stay! I know some people say all babies have murky blue eyes but let me tell you Chinese babies do not have blue eyes in any form. Samantha's eyse went from almost black to dark brown. So my bet is on three dark haired blue eyed boys.

Anonymous said...

I am so relieved that the babies are better. These pictures are adorable, and in the triple hold with MaMa Elda they look so big. Also have to say I agree with Amber about their eye color. I think you and Phil must be thinking blue,since you made the blue eyes the focus of the first picture.-----MaMa Sue