Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year Post (3months)

I noticed my fellow bloggers have all done a "new year" post so I'm playing copy cat. I write this as I hold a baby that refuses to go to sleep and as I eat my sad little microwave pizza. It's been a wild year, a complete emotional roller coaster.

In January we decided to try and get pregnant again after a miscarriage a few months prior. In February we found out we were pregnant and in March that we were having triplets. In May I started my lumberjack diet. In June I gained a ton of weight, by the end I gained 60 pounds and so far have lost 50. In July we got our minivan, which was given to us by a generous friend. In August I quit my job to go on bed rest. In September after a very LONG pregnancy (7.5months preg with triplets is like 2years with a singleton, believe me!) the single most monumental thing in Phil and I's life took place. We were blessed with three beautiful healthy boys. In October the boys came home after 16 days in the NICU with virtually no issues besides the whole "eating" thing. In November I finally get to see what it's like to be on my own with all three and I realized it can be done and not go crazy. Finally in December, after working so hard on this, the boys can breastfeed like pro's making my life easier with less pumping.

The health of the boys had been my main objective and now that I don't have to worry about that I sit here and think "but what about me?" I ended up with so many battle wounds I don't know where to begin. Anemia, muscle loss, stretch marks all over, a busted up knee from carrying so much weight, my wedding ring doesn't fit anymore, I think my hands got bigger (no I'm not kidding), a huge scar from my c-section, major abdominal muscle separation that anything short of surgery can't fix (too bad you can't register for a tummy tuck...I'm saving my pennies), even the IV left a nasty little scar on my arm. In the end I wouldn't trade what I have now for my old self or anything else life can offer.

Ok I'm done with the touchy feely for now.


Jonalyn said...

Wow, what a year! Molly likes the new video. Funny how she's more impressed with videos of the boys than she was of them in person! I'm loving watching the boys grow. Wish I could watch in person!

Myra said...

Great Post! I love how the boys talk.

Sara said...

James loves the video too! Awesome that they are nursing so well. They are clearly happy and healthy! Great job! You have had a quite a year! I am beginning to really admire and appreciate the postpartum care that the Chinese do. Just a 6 week miscarriage, and the sisters are all bringing me soups and herbs and teas, and such. And telling me it is critical that I rest. They have all these things to build up blood loss naturally and help the body heal internally. Boy, I wish I would have had all three of my babies surrounded by all their care! I wonder what they would do for someone after triplets, probably expect you to be on bed rest for a year instead of one month after! I don't know if they would have anything to help stretch marks! But, I believe that after all that your body had to go through, a "mommy tuck" as I have heard it called is not such a frivolous request, don't you think after triplets insurance ought to consider it "reconstructive surgery?" Hey, maybe on your blog you can switch the "donate diaper service, to donate for tummy tuck!" But you're right, who of us would trade any of our children to spare the sacrifices we've made in their behalf?

Tati said...

That's so cute!!! The boys seem to be doing very well and Janét I'm amazed at how well you seem to be doing after a triplets pregnancy! I hope your knee feels better soon :)

nan cee said...

The boys look bigger with each picture and they look picture perfect in these pictures! Isn't it amaszing how wonderfully our bodies are made that it can go through so much and yet survive! You are doing such a great job with the babies and we all praise you for that. As always, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
My love to you all,
A. Nancy

BlessedBlogger said...


That doesn't seem to cover it. I remember being where you are without the success at breastfeeding you're having. I am happily jealous. I love hearing that moms are nursing their multiples, even if I'm not in that stage anymore. I miss it.

Your boys look so big and healthy and that means everything. The greatest gift a parent can hope for.

Happy new year and enjoy every moment. The time goes by so quickly!

One milk-production tip: Dark beer. In English hospitals they bring the mom's a pint of dark ale every day. Even non-alcoholic darks help. O'Douls Amber is a good one. One night of a couple of Guiness and my milk supply at least doubled. Or you could try just adding brewer's yeast to your yogurt or cereal.

JP said...

That's one piece of advice I'm willing to take!

Christine Huntley said...

Glad to hear that your doing ok without extra hepl and the boys are doing great.
Im out of work for a while, so if you know that you have a day coming up that you will need extra hands, give me a call and i will come over.

Angela said...

Love, Love , Love the pics! They are chunking out, girl! Great job and breastfeeding. I want to chat with you so I'll give you a call! You're amazing! And God is Good!