Friday, January 28, 2011

You are a M.O.M. if... (4 Months!)

When I first saw this pic I said "OMG it's like I'm looking in the mirror!"

Uncle Garrett doing a triple hold

You Know you are a M.O.M (mom of multiples) when...

-you haven't looked in the mirror in weeks

-you sleep in 2hr increments

-you don't want your family to leave when they come to visit

-a tummy tuck is reconstructive surgery and not cosmetic

-your laundry consists of only underwear and pajamas

-taking a shower involves major preparation and planning and an extra adult

-your kids are over stimulated by simple outings like going to the grocery store because they rarely leave the house

-you can feed two babies at once and send a text message while doing it

-your idea of going "out" to eat is take out or delivery

-you can finally relax when only one baby is awake

-your babies milestones aren't just exciting but are life style changes (such as sleeping through the night or can guess which one I'm looking forward to the most!)

-taking 1 baby to the store is a relaxing get away

-your once necessary "morning bathroom time" goes from 30min to 3min

-your stroller is almost worth more than your car and you need a garage for it

-your living room looks like a carnival for infants

-you practice carrying all your babies at once in case of a fire


nan cee said...

The boys just keep getting bigger and cuter all the time. How nice Garrett can be there! An yes, Janet, you are for sure a Mom! Remember, whenever you feel over whelmed throw you burden on Jehovah and he will see you through! You are always included in my prayers and I think of you often.
Love to you all,
A. Nancy

Myra said...

whoa! didn't think of the last one- you've got it all covered!

Jonalyn said...

Hahahaaaa! I love the list. Love it! The boys are getting cuter every day, aren't they? *kisses*

Tati said...

I could never live with only spending three minutes in the bathroom... I usually spend more like an hour doing my makeup and hair... It also seems like you've become very good at multitasking! :) Love the babies' hair btw XD It's all wispy

Amber said...

I love the look on Eli's face in the second photo down. It sure looks like all of them have discovered how yummy and friendly hands can be.

Love your list. It really made me smile.

They are so cute and growing so fast, as they do. Have Eli or Thomas tried rolling over? From the way Caleb was moving his arms and legs I expected him to zoom across the floor, don't think you need to worry about crawling.

Aracely said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics...that one you said it looks like you are looking in the soo true! They are identical to you..crazy!

BBB~Waind said...

WOW!! They are getting so big and too dang cute!! I love the pics and your list ;) Take care! Brooke

bryan said...

I cant't tell them apart! It's so frustrating. I would be a very bad babysitter. They'd probably get as much candy from me as they wanted.

They are good boys though, so they would never do that.

I would though...totally do it.

Angela said...

Love it! They are adorable! And I can so relate to your list. I still haven't figured out the shower one completely. I live for my weekend when I can shower in the AM and have toddler coverage downstairs! What is a razor anyways? And don't get me started on the stroller issue. We are on triple stroller number 4! And parting with that soon! Choo Choo wagon is in our future!
We're overdue for a chat! I'll try to call you this week. too bad I don't text!