Thursday, February 10, 2011

Caleb Then and Now

Then (a few days after we brought the boys home)

2 days old

Also known as "Kaywibs" and the charmer of the bunch. My first born and first to roll over and sleep through the night(although he hasn't done it since). His recent accomplishments include screaming with happiness(mostly while he's in his baby Einstein) and reaching out for things, which looks more like he's pretending to be a zombie cause his arms are stretched out in front of him. Not much control over his hands yet. He was also born with the most hair and it was always messy but stylish as you can see in the video. Now, like his brothers, his head has gotten bigger but no new hair has come in.



Jonalyn said...

So cuuuuuute!! Man, I wish we lived closer. I asked Molly what she thought of her little cousin. She said "no me gusta esa silla". So I guess Caleb is fine, but his yellow "chair" has got to go. :)

Sara said...

Sure miss that little cutie! (And his brothers!)

nan cee said...

It is amazing how fast the boys are growning. Before you know it they will be crawling all over the place. Of course Caleb is just adorable and that means so it Eli and Thomas. You are going to have three hadsome boys!
My love and prayes are with you,

Tati said...

Cutest video ever! *Love* that hair and the little footed pj's :)

Myra said...

Wow! They sure do change, huh? How do they like they're Bumbos? Elliot is starting to prefer to be in that instead of laying down to play.