Friday, February 18, 2011

Top 10 Reactions

Deys brodders and dey wuvs eachodders (this was not staged)

After a quick shower with pa. Ok I'll admit it, I don't know if this is Eli or Caleb

Phil and I have eaten dinner on the kitchen floor like this several times because it's the only way the boys let us eat in peace.

At a local hipster coffee shop pretending to be normal, thankfully hipsters are too cool to stare and ask questions

Quick update, took the boys in for their 4 month check up and shots. I'm not sure if the shots are more traumatic for them or me. Anyways the boys all weigh about 12 pounds which means they've almost tripled their birth weights! They have not made the charts yet had they been full term on their birth date but I think by their 6 month check up they will at least be in the 10th percentile (age adjusted they are about in the 50-60 percentile). The boys want you to know they are working hard to catch up to their full term counterparts!

Those darn things people say...

Top 10 reactions
1. Was it a surprise?
2. Triplets!
3. Twins!...pause (count)...oh triplets!
4. Twins!...never notice a third baby
5. Oh God bless your souls!
6. You must have your hands full
7. blank (under their breath)
8. Do you get much sleep?
9. staring, sometimes followed by lots of staring and then maybe..."one two three" (you see their mouths counting but no sound comes out)
10. the double take, they look once and quickly look again

Comments that annoy me

1. Are you gonna have any more?- What?! Don't you think 3 is enough?

2. You're not having anymore are you?- Are you implying we shouldn't...maybe I want more kids...ugh....that's none of your business!

3. So glad it's not me, I'd go crazy (or any variation implying this) -I HATE this one the most. Ok it just plain old hurts my feelings and shame on you for thinking it! First of all, any decent person would not go crazy and would love their children in any form they came in. Second of all, if this is true, THANK God you didn't have them and I did!

4. Do the boys have different personalities? -THEY ARE IDENTICAL...their personalities are and will be very similar. Their differences are very subtle.

5. You better be careful or you might end up with 6!-hahaha (sarcastic laugh), very unlikely. Actually my chances of conceiving identical triplets are the same as yours, so maybe YOU should be careful!

6. Were they natural or did you do IVF?-There is no drug/treatment in the world that makes identical babies so our chances were the same either way. They came from one very magical egg and sperm. In fact no body really knows why this happens.

And I haven't even been out much! Maybe I'll have a whole new set to write about after this summer when we can get out more.

Window into my mind:

one baby crying: oooh let me comfort my sweet baby!

two babies crying: crap!

three babies crying: Houston we have a problem!


Jonalyn said...

That first picture is just the CUTEST! Glad y'all got to get out of the house for some coffee. Maybe you can get the boys some shirts that say: 1/3, 2/3, 3/3. Or else One of Three, Two of ... you get the idea. For those people who can't count when you all go out together!

Jessica said...

People always think they are being so original, but you must get tired of the same comments.
From now on when I see multiples, I'll just smile!

Erin Zacharda said...

Oh the comments & questions! I can't even count how many times I've heard "You've got your hands full!" No duh.
Don't worry, the comments drastically decrease the older the kids get. We actually took the kids to Costco last weekend and didn't even get one comment. It was shocking and really nice too :)
Hope you are all hanging in there... it really does get easier, I promise!

Tati said...

Oh, I love those "what you just said couldn't be further from the truth" comments... Love the coffee shop picture :) Those mugs are as big as the babies' heads, though.

Janet said...

I miss them so much I wanted to cry when I saw their pictures.

Sara said...

All the pictures (as usual) are so sweet. Those boys couldn't have been cuter if you could custom order! But the top one is so precious. And then, so cute lined up in their bumbo chairs. I can imagine you two eating on the floor... As for the comments, ugh, babies make people chatty...three babies...well guess they just can't control themselves. Hopefully what Erin (above) said will be true for you, once they are toddlers:) Love Jonalyn's idea about the shirts!

nan cee said...

Love the pictures and your comments about comments that others make. They are just showing ignorance or being plain nosey! Try not to let them get to you. You have three beautiful boys and we are all proud of how good you are doing with them. My love to you all,
A. Nancy

Sue said...

oooh these latest pics must be the cutest yet. Come to think of it that is what I thought about the last ones. The first pic was so sweet and what you said under it was darling, but are you sure you didn't set up the pose (Just kidding)----Mama Sue

Jennifer said...

I love reading your updates and your babies are beautiful (little boys are permitted to be beautiful at this age!). We were out with my children one day and we saw a family with triplets. My oldest looked at me and said "I bet those take more effort to make." The daddy of the triplets looked very proud and the mom just chuckled. I'm sure we made it to one of their lists ... hopefully funniest comments made!

bryan said...

The coffee shop picture is awesome! I'm sure the boys will enjoy growing up in Oregon; smart move.

Lucy T. said...

I am one of Triplets and when my mother learned she had multiples the Dr. told her her was carrying more than two. Regarding your dislike of certain comments, prepare the boys for "What's it like to be a triplet?" I got to a point of rudness as a child by asking what it was like to be a single child in the middle or last or first. I have enjoyed viewing your info once a month or so. God Bless you for all the support you have.